Ms. Nicole,
Academy Director, Texas

Ms. Sharon

Ms. Sharon,
Lead Pre-K Teacher, Illinois

Ms. Sylvia

Ms. Sylvia,
Lead Twos Teacher,
North Carolina

The fact that I have worked my way up through the ranks is something that I'm proud to share not only during tours, but also with my current staff to let them know that if it's something that they want, they can go for it. Our company is a good place for that. We try to develop our staff, and if that's something that they want to do, it's definitely a possibility.
Oh my goodness! It becomes rewarding when you see the lights go on in their eyes when they finally master something. I don't know that everybody understands that, but you can tell and they can tell. And I enjoy their laughter and their hugs. It warms my heart.
I think it is seeing the kids that I've taught come back and visit after going off to elementary school. To hear them say, 'Oh, Ms. Sylvia, I remember when you did this...' and seeing them grow up through each grade and actually remember who taught them so many years ago...that means a lot to me.
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