Employee benefits at Learning Care Group Employee benefits at Learning Care Group

One LCG, Stronger Together

As an organization, we foster a culture where differences are valued and interactions are free of bias. It's a fulfillment of Our Promise, to make a difference and have a positive impact.

We know it's important to listen with intent to better appreciate people with different identities, abilities, backgrounds, and points of view. It can be seen in our classroom, school, and work environments, which are created to make everyone feel that they belong and can be their authentic self. We work hard to ensure a diversity of voices is recognized and represented throughout our organization. Looking ahead to a strong future, we're committed to providing opportunities where everyone succeeds in the LCG community. We are one LCG, stronger together.

From our corporate headquarters to each classroom, we thrive on the contributions of every individual to our community of learning.

In the Workplace

LCG takes great pride in offering a supportive work culture, where we are committed to fostering inclusion, diversity, and equity—all things that are fundamental to our success. It starts with educational and training opportunities for all team members, to encourage a commitment to inclusion and diversity across the organization.

Employee benefits at Learning Care Group

Culture Ambassadors, our company-wide initiative for bringing people together and sharing experiences, is comprised of four groups: Diversity and Inclusion, Holidays and Celebrations, Ideas and Innovation, and Knowledge and Networking. Each group creates experiences to enhance our culture and sense of community, so employees feel valued as individuals.

Being heard is an essential element of feeling included and we welcome the contribution of all voices that make up our LCG family.

LCG Listens

is an employee engagement survey conducted several times throughout the year, to gain direct feedback about our team members' working experiences.

Idea Spot

is an online submission system for employees at every level of the organization to offer up ideas and innovations to have a positive impact on LCG.


is an interactive platform to keep team members connected and engaged, to reinforce our commitment to each other with recognition and praise for a job well done.

Employee benefits at Learning Care Group

Cleo and Rethink: Family Support Partnerships

Cleo: Starting a Family and Parenting Support

We support every type of family and the many diverse paths to parenthood, such as adoption, surrogacy, same-sex, and solo parenting. We know race and gender identity impact how people interact with the healthcare system, the resources they have access to, and the unique challenges faced by every family. Through this partnership, we offer employees personalized support and trusted guidance from experts who believe in birth equity, culturally competent care for all, and inclusive support for every family. With Cleo, we can ensure employees have the "village" they need to support their growing family, while pursuing their purpose in our schools and in life.

Rethink: Family Support When It's Needed

We believe every person deserves to feel safe, represented, and accepted, including employees whose children have unique learning, social or behavioral needs. In partnership with Rethink, we support employees in better understanding, teaching, and communicating with their children. Rethink provides inclusive tools, resources, and consultation sessions to the whole family, whether a child has a formally diagnosed intellectual or developmental disability, is awaiting a diagnosis, or has some behavior and social skill challenges, but may never get a diagnosis. We empower employees to embrace their family's uniqueness through knowledge and education, and inspire them to keep doing what they love, in our classrooms and in life.

In the Classroom

If you're working as an educator in one of our schools, you'll have the unique opportunity to share Reflecting Our Communities with children. This program is about the diversity of our world, taking different perspectives, and respecting the uniqueness of each person and family. Through activities, music, photos, and more, Reflecting Out Communities is designed to:

  1. Encourage children to share their family culture and traditions with each other.
  2. Share the beauty and diversity of the world around us.
Employee benefits at Learning Care Group

It's part of our commitment to provide a welcome community. We believe that every child deserves an inclusive environment to feel safe, represented, and accepted.

Our strength comes from the diversity of our team members, their unique voices and perspectives. These initiatives represent an ongoing commitment to continue building up our community and bringing out their best.