Health & Safety at Learning Care Group Health & Safety at Learning Care Group

Our Health and Safety Practices

Keeping kids—and you—safe.

At Learning Care Group, our top priority is always the well-being of the children in our care and peace of mind for their families. That means a safe, secure working environment too, where team members know they are valued and that we are always looking out for them.

As part of this unwavering commitment, we’ve implemented a wide variety of measures and policies in all our schools and throughout our organization, including:

In response to the pandemic, already-rigorous protocols have been refined and enhanced–and continue to evolve, as needed–to maintain a safe, healthy school and work environment.

Routine Health Practices

Our students and staff engage in strengthened cleanliness and hygiene practices each day (including more frequent handwashing; cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and items in classrooms).

Enhanced Measures

Should there be an increased concern, we are prepared to employ additional health and safety measures, such as required face coverings, temperature and wellness checks, and limited classroom access to prevent the spread of germs.

Employee Vaccination

We highly encourage all of our team members to be vaccinated against COVID-19.