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Calling all classroom rock stars.

Remember your favorite teacher? We've all had one. Here’s your chance to be memorable and play that special role for a new generation of children. You inspire them—but trust us, it’s mutual.

There is always something unexpected—and exciting—happening. Children’s imagination, joy, and energy drive the classroom experience, making every day a new adventure. Get ready to be happy, while being rewarded daily with regular smiles, hugs, and laughter.

And yes, this role is called Teacher. But don’t forget, you’re also so much more: Star of Storytime. Playground Pro. Boss of Blocks. Captain of Cuddling. Ambassador of Awesome.

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Gold Award

It Pays to Get a CDA

We got an award—and we’re super-proud of it! The Council for Professional Recognition has given us the prestigious CDA Gold Standard—Comprehensive Award. We have successfully met the Council’s rigorous criteria for providing quality early childhood education training to students who prepare for the CDA (Child Development Associate) Credential and a career as an early childhood educator. In other words, we’re pretty awesome—and ready to train you to attain the same level of awesomeness. The best part? We pay, you learn—and earn! LCG covers the cost of the training and you receive a pay increase upon completion.

You are the guiding force in shaping young minds and encouraging children to meet—and exceed—their milestones. For families, you are an educational partner. To support these relationships, we provide training, tools, and development opportunities for you to be at the top of your game in the classroom—and stay focused on the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Proprietary curriculum at Learning Care Group
Proprietary curriculum

Expert-driven resources

Advancement opportunities at Learning Care Group
Advancement opportunities

100% paid CDA program

Child care discount at Learning Care Group
Child care discount

Bring your kids to work

Be a role model at Learning Care Group
Role model

Lead and influence by example

Teacher training at Learning Care Group
Ongoing training

Stay sharp and focused

Well-stocked classrooms at Learning Care Group
Well-stocked classrooms

Inspiring materials and supplies

Lesson plans at Learning Care Group
Lesson plans

Guide milestone development

Positive Behavior Support

Challenging behavior is a part of child development, and while it can be frustrating, it’s also a powerful learning opportunity. We have a proprietary app, myPath, which supports teachers to understand challenging behavior, and to create positive learning experiences to address it. It includes the most current research about children’s social-emotional development and hundreds of innovative strategies to encourage positive behavior throughout the day and to help children develop the social, emotional, language, and cognitive skills to behave in positive ways.

Learning Care Group employee testimonial: Miss Leisha, Teacher and Team Lead
Early education programs are so important for little ones. This is when we shape and grow their minds. Kids are like sponges—they soak everything up, and this is the key time for them.
Miss Leisha, Teacher and Team Lead, California